Wire Bending for Costume Armatures

Wire Bending is the process of making the armature and main support of a Mardi Gras Costume. Wire bending is not a simple procedure and the costumes are not as heavy as they may seem. It takes a great amount of ingenuity and skill to create the frames of these grand costumes that you see during Mardi Gras Season. There is a lot of precision needed to create these masterpieces made of wire. These wire frames are then decorated and covered entirely to finish the designs, but beneath the feathers, fabric, sequins and stones, are these great wire structures.

All wire armatures start with a custom wire harness.  We will require the person wearing the costume be present for a fitting. Prices listed are for armatures only.

There is an additional charge for any other work needed (i.e. tapping, covering, feathering). If you will need us to complete your costume; the supplies, fabric, feathers etc., will be added to the additional labor costs for each individual costume.



Medici / Small Royalty Collars:

Prices starting at $350

Basic Half-round plain collar:

Center back to one side measuring 20-26”= starts at $350*

Center back to one side measuring 30-36”=starts at $400*

Center back to one side measuring 40-48” =starts at $500*

*The listed Prices do not reflect the cost of 3-d work, multiple layers, boxed hinged harness, or plume holders


center back to one side measuring 36-48” prices starting at $800


Paper Skull Caps start at $25
Wire “Claw” Skull caps Start at $40
Wire armatures added to the skull caps to create the a headdress / head piece are priced according to the design.


Wire belts are used to draw the eye of the design below the shoulder.  This also allows the designer to utilize the waist for wire armatures.  Distributing the weight of the piece else where, while adding a larger appearance to the finished piece.  Once made we require the person wearing the wire work be present for both initial and final fittings. Wire work armatures are added to the wire belt to create a waist piece. The size and detail of the design reflects how the work is priced.

Wirework Plume Holders

Plume Holders:

Plume holders have become a traditional staple of attaching Ostrich Plumes to custom made collars. They allow designers to preserve the value of your feathers from damaging hot glue.

If you need plume holders added to the back of the wire work, they are $1.00/each plume holder.

*All Prices are approximate starting figures, if you or requesting a custom order, the price will be higher based on any rush orders. Prices reflect approximate wirework costs only. If you are placing an order for a completed costume prices of additional labor and materials will be assessed upon placing the order. Additional unforseen labor and material costs maybe added to your final invoice.

Created by John Zeringue