John S. Zeringue III

John S. Zeringue III

New Orleans, much like Mardi Gras, is very traditional.  One of the first conversations you will have with any of its residents is "Who are your people?" and "Where are they from?".

The Zeringue name is very old in the City of New Orleans, its progenitor Johann Michael Zerhinger (ZERINGUE) was a master carpenter in the 1700's, built the St. Louis Church and is associated with the construction of Ursuline Convent. There are other notable Zeringue's associated with Seven Oaks Plantation, as well as the formation of Jefferson Parish.

John Zeringue, 2016

As the City of New Orleans approaches its 300th Anniversary it is my privilege to dress and design for the Royalty of New Orleans. Its an unbelievable feeling to see your designs ride down historic St Charles Avenue and Canal Street, or walking on Bourbon Street Mardi Gras Day.  I have the honor of dressing a very select few asked to be Dukes, Duchesses, Queens and Kings on there very special day. Each person having the excitement of a bride on her wedding day!

It's important to me that I continue using traditional techniques and keep Mardi Gras Costuming as true to original processes while growing as a professional.  The quantity of pieces is not as important to me as is the quality of work I put on display.  Each piece representative of a vision created by the needs of the individual with regards of design integrity, technical safety and functionality.

I'm influenced by my New Orleans culture and heritage. Whether depicting the mythical and symbolic in my Mardi Gras costume designs, or the recurrent themes of ordinary pursuits of pleasure, and leisure in my collection of paintings, the style and quality is readily recognized.

David Richerson
John Zeringue, 2016

He (John Zeringue) represents the new blood of the current renaissance in the gay carnival community and a sensational return to grandeur."

- Howard Smith, writer for 2015 Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide
King Amon-Ra 49th - Mr. David Richerson


  • Certificate of Proclamation City Council of New Orleans 2015
  • Bourbon Street Award - Mardi Gras Day (2015)
  • 1st Place Best of Show
  • 1st Place Best of Drag
  • Certificate of Proclamation Mayor Mitch Landreau of New Orleans 2014
  • Certificate of Proclamation Parish President David Peralta of St. Bernard Parish 2014
  • Certificate of Proclamation Mayor Mitch Landreau of New Orleans 2013
  • Bourbon Street Awards - Mardi Gras Day (2011)
  • 2nd Place Best of Show
  • 3rd Place Best of Show
  • 1st Place Best Leather
  • 3rd Place Best Leather
  • 1st Place Best of Drag
  • Krewe of Amon-Ra - Ball Captain's Award (2011)
  • Bourbon Street Awards - Mardi Gras Day (2009)
  • 2nd Place Best of Show


Fashion Group International (2015-2017)

Krewe of Petronius

Captain LVI, LVII (2016- 2017)

Krewe of Amon-Ra (2009-2017)

Captain L (2014-15)

Captain XLIX (2013-14)

KING XLVIII(2013-14)

Captain XLVII(2011-12)

Ball Lt. XLVI (2011)

Created by John Zeringue