"He (John Zeringue) represents the new blood of the current renaissance in the gay carnival community and a sensational return to grandeur."
- Howard Smith, writer for 2015 Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide
The traditional techniques of Mardi Gras Costumes were taught to me by studying and working with Mike Moreau, as he did with Carter Church.  It's important to me that I continue using what they learned from years of experience and keep it as true to those original techniques while growing as a professional.  The quantity of pieces is not as important to me as is the quality of work I put on display.  Each piece representative of a vision created by the needs of the individual with regards of design integrity, technical safety and functionality.

Costumes & Armatures

Cost of Mardi Gras Costume Designs are based on the needs of the client and extent of design. We will work personally with you for any additional elements you would like to incorporate into the finished design. Krewe pricing available. A hardcopy illustration of the costume design is required for all custom orders.

Once the design is completed and approved by the client, we will create the harness for the armature.

Mardi Gras Designs is booked through the 2016 Mardi Gras Season. Designing for the 2017 Season has begun. All new contracts will be considered upon availability and time required for the design.

Mardi Gras Designs is a convenient 35 min drive East of New Orleans.  Exit #263 on Old Spanish Trail/Slidell one block before Pontchartrain Boulevard.  Located behind Domino's and Weather's Florist

For more information on commissioning a design for your event or to inquire please contact us at mardigrasdesigns@gmail.com or by calling 985-710-2876